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Fantasy Football 2013

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 2014 Regular Season Standings  

Bickham Conference

Rock Division Roll Division
Brick Frog                2-0 Camo-Toe Flage                 2-0
Uranus's Mine              1-1 Bad Moon Rison                        2-0
Team Donovan               1-1 Ragin Rynos                             1-1
Crum Boners                   1-1 Douche Canoes                       1-1
Iowa Vikingman                 1-1 Rauty 1                                        0-2
Pie Goblin                         0-2 U Sankey My Battleship             0-2


Delehant Conference 

Sex Division Drugs Division
Backfield Bangers                     2-0 Suh's Your Daddy              2-0
Going All The Way                    1-1 Team Omaha Goats                   1-0-1
Team Mount                         1-1 Team Hogancamp 2                       1-0-1
Boots 2 asses                   1-1 Team Maggio                           1-1
Omaha Smashmouths              1-1 Team Hogancamp                             0-2
Addy's Bar Ballers                 0-2 Team McMahon                           0-2


Every week, the highest scoring team in each conference wins a $25 gift card to Twin Peaks on 173rd and West Center.  Join Bickham out there for Thursday Night Football every Thursday night for eats, drinks, scenic views, and great prizes from Bud Light!  



This Week's Winners

Brick Frog scored 118 points in the Bickham Conference Week 2

Going All The Way scored 127 points in the Delehant Conference Week 2

Past Weekly Winners

Camo-Toe Flage scored 110 points in the Bickham Conference Week 1

Team Omaha Goats scored 116 points in the Delehant Conference Week 1


Omaha, NE

Broken Clouds
Broken Clouds
SE at 9 mph

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