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Crazy Chickens, Dancing Space Potatoes, shirtless old men eating cheese in front of a 7-11... and of course, just plain old ROCK videos.  This is your home for all the crazy stuff that is out on the web that your friends are talking about... or if you don't have friends... that you are talking to yourself about.  Got a video suggestion?  Send it to us!











Steven Tyler falling off the stage at Sturgis this year


The official trailer for "Guitar Hero: Van Halen"




Chickenfoot performs "Oh Yeah" on the Tonight Show



Pearl Jam performs a new song from their new album on Conan O'Brien


Charles Barkely says some turrible turrible things.  I mean, that's just turrible.


Trailer for the Ozzy Osbourne Documentary "Wreckage of My Past"



Sebastian Bach performing at Citi Field in New York




Scott Weiland Performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live!



Part 1 of Metallica "In Their Own Words" Documentary

Part 2 of Metallica "In Their Own Words" documentary 


Don't Lip Sync while wearing sunglasses...


Preview Clip of the New Fox Variety Show "Osbournes Reloaded"



Someone rips a really loud fart at a City Council Meeting


Guitar Hero Metallica Exclusive Motion Capture Footage


The perils of trying to make a copy of your ass.


You can't tell me you haven't felt like doing this a time or two...

 More from angry office workers


Night Ranger does "Highway to Hell"


Def Leppard Guitarist Vivian Campbell performs an accoustic version of "Hysteria"


Iron Maiden win the "Best Live Act" at the Brit Awards


 Scott Weiland Video Log from the Road


Nikki Sixx reacts to a fan that threw something at him!  (LANGUAGE WARNING)



Sad News story... but awesome mug shot.



Oh the perils of being a rock star... 


This is just wrong on so many levels... 



Don't mock Palace Guards when visiting Great Britain.  Thanks for finding this one Lynn!




A recent study has found that weather men and cockroaches don't coexist peacefully.


More Alice in Chains Studio Footage!


Always make sure your car is in park...


Some Unplugged Whitesnake


New Years footage of Scott Weiland.  Wait... he wasn't falling down drunk?!  Are we sure that is really him?



I mean seriously, who throws a shoe?! 


More footage of Alice in Chains in the Studo working on their new album



Backstage footage of Metallica playing "Of Wolf and Man" and Enter Sandman"




AC/DC's Brian Johnson tells us what he REALLY thinks of Chuck Berry. WARNING... VULGAR LANGUAGE


Alice in Chains is back in the studio!  Here is some studio footage!


 If/When you get/got married, hopefully this guy isn't/wasn't the Best Man



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