$500 Triple Shot

Z-92 wants to give you cash!!!

Starting on Monday, October 7th, Z-92 presents the $500 Triple Shot.  Your chance to grab $500 every day, just for listening to Z-92.

Here’s how it works, Learn the $500 Triple Shot Artist of the Day, and when you should be listening for the Triple Shot to air every weekday with Todd-N-Tyler.  When you hear the Triple Shot later on that day, be caller 92 to 402-938-9200 to score $500 instantly!

Want a chance to double it?  Of course you do!  On Thousand Dollar Thursday, you have a chance to double your winnings with awesome prize packs or some extra cold hard cash when you hear the $500 Triple Shot Artist of the Day play.  If you are the 92nd caller on Thursday, you will get to take your pick between a few envelopes that will have prize packs valued at $500, with one of them holding your other $500!

Thousand Dollar Thursday Prize Packs Include:

The Big 4:
4 pack of Vala’s Tickets
4 pack of Five Finger Death Punch
4 pack of Funny Bone tickets
Dinner for 4 at The Omaha Tap House ($100)
$100 gas card from American Ethanol

Husker Football Fan Pack:
4 tickets to Nebraska v. Indiana Football Game
4 tickets to the Blur Parties Tailgate Party
4 tickets to the IMG Tailgate Party
$25 Best of Big Red Gift Card


The Staycation:
1 night hotel stay
2 tickets to Neb. v. N.western Volleyball Game
$100 dinner at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse
2 tickets to Five Finger Death Punch
$100 gas card from American Ethanol
$500 Upgrade:
Kind of speaks for itself…$500 extra


Z-92 hitting you up with $500 every weekday in the Z-92 $500 Triple Shot!