Jeff on Z-92

Hey what’s up! My name is Jeff.

I was born and raised here around here. I started out with an internship in radio around the age of 20. I loved radio ever since.

My first career choice was television news, but then figured out you needed to be a good writer so I knew that was out. Then I wanted to be a weatherman but my dad sat me down and said “You don’t want to lie to people every day do you?” So that changed my mind. So now I do radio.

Outside of Work I enjoy the outdoors as much as possible with my wife, and three kids. We do a lot of camping from April-September. I enjoy golf and drinking several different types of craft /IPA beers.

My favorite thing to do is taking vacations with my family to places we’ve never been before.

Big fan of the Huskers. Volleyball, Football, and baseball. I enjoy going to Hockey games, and CWS Baseball is my number one sport I like to attend in person.

I really enjoy discovering new music and new technology.

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