NCAA is a joke

I’ve had a growing dislike of the NCAA for many years now.  Sure, college athletics need a governing body residing over them so chaos does not ensue.  Put the rules in place.  Enforce those rules.  Sounds legit right?  Well.  Not quite legit.  Not everyone plays by the same rules.  Blue bloods get away with crimes, and lesser programs get the book thrown at them.  As an Illinois alumnus of course I have a bitter taste in my mouth of what the NCAA deems as “Hostile and Abusive” when they continue to allow Florida State to have someone dressed as an Indian Chief slam a flaming spear into the turf.  No, that’s not hostile at all.

That’s a debate for another time though.  Today, I’m here to tell you about Mizzou and the cheating that was done within their athletic program.  A tutor came forward saying she had helped athletes complete their schoolwork.  It’s the type of thing that I’m quite certain happens on MOST college campuses.  Is it right?  No.  It’s not, and I’m not defending it.  It was wrong in the NCAA’s eyes as well, and (rightly so) levied punishment against Mizzou including a post season ban.  If Missouri can knock off Arkansas this weekend to get a 6th football win.  They will not be going bowling.  You can read more about this particular story right here.

Flashback to the early and mid 2000s (and probably before AND after that) in Chapel Hill North Carolina where the University had completely fake classes just for athletes.  There was MAJOR cheating going on academically at UNC.  What did the NCAA do?  Nothing.  They levied zero punishments in regards to this scandal saying it wasn’t their place to regulate academics.  See?  When you are a “blue blood” program like UNC basketball, (and Kansas and Kentucky where other scandals have been surfacing) you get a pass on this.  These are the teams that make the NCAA money.  They won’t damage them.  Missouri football though?  Bah!  Who are they anway?!  Throw the book at them!

The NCAA is a sham.  They are hypocrites.  They only have interest in lining their own pockets.

I’m an Illinois alum (Yes, Illinois has had their share of scandals over the years).  For me to empathize with a program I really (on the field and court) despise… you KNOW something must be wrong.  Did they deserve to be punished?  Absolutely.  BUT if you do for one, you have to do for all.